An Easy Layer of Security

Lets face it.  Not everything can be %100 secure.  That is one of the realizations we have to come to when it comes to computers.  There is nothing that will stop a determined intruder %100 of the time.  And if you haven’t heard this before, I’ll tell you here…it’s all about layers of security.  Adding a layer need not be complex.

I had an opening that I didn’t realize until a few months ago.  I got a shiny new cable modem from Bright House.  It has all kinds of cool features that are plug and play.  The thing that I found after a little digging is that there is a default password that is on the admin user.  That means that anybody who is on the Internet and has my public IP could potentially log in and “p0wn” it.

So I just wanted to mention this to everybody from my friends to the security professionals out there…you might want to look up the model number and the default password for your connection.

As soon as you lock that password down to something hopefully stronger than your dog’s name and a birthday you will become a less likely target for hackers as they will potentially move on to easier targets.


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